Stream and Storm Water Impact Study - Poulsbo, WA
A client was concerned about potential impacts to their property when it was initially believed
that  small stream was carving a large, unstable ravine along a hillside in Kitsap County, WA.  
The client sought SNR's professional advice to determine the impacts this unstable ravine
would have on their future development of the property.
SNR's reconnaissance
activities followed the
"stream" to it's
headwaters, which was
observed to originate at a
relatively large, unlined
storm water detention
pond that discharged
directly into a relict glacial
meltwater channel, that
became the ravine on the
subject property.

The unlined detention
pond was also used to
infiltrate storm water into
recessional outwash
soils overlying glacial till.
Gully Washing out from Excessive Storm Water Flows
The artificial recharge from the detention pond created a localized perched
aquifer that generated seeps on the slopes of the subject property.

SNR's studies did not identify a stream, however, they did identify potential
geologic hazards associated with the storm water detention facility