SNR Company's Critical Areas Services
The Growth Management Act (GMA) critical areas ordinances can impact properties in
many ways.  Virtually any action that requires a permit or Development Department
approvals can "trigger" a requirement for a critical areas investigation.  The need for
this type of investigation is often made by Development Department personnel,
however, some can be automatically required, such as a King County Critical Areas
Determination  (CAD) in rural areas when a water well or septic system is installed.

SNR provides objective, science based, innovative services for all GMA critical areas
and Shoreline Management Act related projects.  Our studies use the latest scientific
methods and are among the most detailed in the industry.  Additionally, all of our
investigations include studies conducted by or under the direct supervision of our
licensed geologists, hydrogeologists, and engineering geologists, including wetland
and stream studies.
SNR Company's Critical Areas Services Include:
Ecological Critical Areas
Fish and Wildlife Conservation Areas (including Streams, Ponds, and Lakes)
Waters of the State
Environmental Critical Areas       
Aquifer Recharge Areas
Wellhead Protection
Frequently Flooded Areas
Geologic Hazards
Erosion hazard
Landslide hazard
Seismic hazard
Volcanic hazard
Mine hazards