Steep Slopes and Landslides Critical Areas Study
In 2007, SNR conducted a steep slope/landslide critical areas study for a residential parcel
which is located on the slopes above Lake Sammamish in Bellevue, WA.

Although there was no evidence of recent landslide or slope failures, the shoreline along
Lake Sammamish has had historical land movement.

The subject property was found to have 3 small areas with 40% or greater slopes which
required 50 foot buffers.  Working with the geotechnical engineer, SNR was able to
demonstrate that the slopes did not constitute a geologic hazard.  However, the City still
required mitigation to allow a buffer reduction.  SNR was able to reduce the buffers to 28.5
feet, with the completion of a habitat enhancement plan that was submitted to, and
accepted by the City.