60 Acre Wetland and Stream Study - Auburn, WA
Approximately 60 acres of farmland
in the City of Auburn have been
identified on City and Army Corps of
Engineers maps as being potential
wetland areas.

Storm water diverted into this area
from development to the west has
been directed into old agricultural  
and roadside ditches that were
apparently classified as streams by
King County prior to 1990.   The
stream classification for these
storm water ditches apparently
impacted maintenance activities,
which combined with increasing
storm water flows from the west
has resulted in localized flooding.
SNR is currently conducting studies on this property to
determine if wetland areas and streams are present.  
These studies are also evaluating the impacts of the
storm water that has been
diverted into this area from the
developed areas to the west,
including impacts to the ground

The comprehensive studies
being conducted by SNR are
shedding light on storm water
related issues and how
classifying storm water ditches
as streams can compound these
issues.  These studies also
suggest that the historically
productive farmland may not
exhibit all of the required wetland